Coin Review - Ethereum roadmap update

Ethereum has always had an exciting roadmap, the transition towards Proof-of-Stake is very well documented. The latest instalment is the Constantinople upgrade, where a series of EIP's (Ethereum Improvement Protocols) will be implemented, most notably:

Reduces the block reward from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block. Referred to as the difficulty bomb because when PoS is enables the hashing algorithms become redundant.

The upgrade was original scheduled for the 15/16th of January when a vulnerability was found with smart contracts relating to EIP1283. The ethereum core development team delayed the upgrade as they was to be sure of zero risk, the next scheduled date is 27th February (block 7280000).

This fork is expected to be taken up by a large majority and therefore will be unlikely ethereum will split into two different chains. As token holders nothing needs to be done. As node operators, upgrades need to be installed during this period.

Once Constantinople  upgrade is implemented this completed the 3rd stage of Ethereum development roadmap Metropolis.

Serenity is the final stage of Ethereum 2.0, the pinnacle of which will be the finalised PoS only mining model. Instead of the Hybrid that currently exists with Constantinople. Serenity will include EIP 105 which is a sharding stepping stone. Throughout 2019 there are many EIPs that have been recommended, the next addition is Istanbul (EIP 1679). Most of the Ethereum Improvement Protocols get updated without much notice. There are 8 core teams globally working on the ethereum protocol, some of the smartest game theory developers are creating algorithms to make ethereum better, faster and more secure, they're doing this without any direct return in revenue or any real dApp requirements.

We are excited to see how ethereum will develop over time, this is only the beginning from Vitalik and Vlad.

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Egor Sidelska