The first Licensed Australian Crypto Asset Investment Fund

fund strategy

Magnet Trust 1.0



Magnet Capital has established the Trust for the sole purpose of holding a portfolio of Crypto assets.

The Trust will have a large investment universe due to the broad range of blockchain technologies, and the various global exchanges they are listed on. These technologies include currency, protocols, applications and platforms. The Trust will also invest a small portion of funds under management in ICOs, which are looking to raise capital to fund their project(s).


Trust Highlights

Minimum investment Term - 12 Months

Minimum Investment - $50,000

Management fee - 2%

Performance fee - 20% (Subject to a high-water mark)

Unit issuance - Monthly

Distribution - June/December


On top of our investments spanning all crypto asset classes and global geographies, our strategy is to focus on investing in a concentrated selection of assets. Investment decisions will be made after conducting detailed due diligence and analysis, we identify assets we believe are currently undervalued to provide investors with the best long-term opportunities.