The first Licensed Australian Crypto Asset Investment Fund

The first australian Crypto managed fund

Magnet Capital


Magnet Overview

Magnet Capital is an Australian investment management firm focused only on Crypto Assets. Our long-term value-based strategy gives investors the opportunity to diversify into a new growing asset class.

We believe blockchain technology is going to stimulate mass innovation and prove disruptive to many centralised industries. We aim to give our investors exposure to companies that challenge the status quo. 

Magnet Capital launched on the 7th of November.

A New Class 

For the first time in history, Crypto assets can be transferred globally, with near instant settlement, low transaction fees and no third party oversight. This is why blockchain, the technology underlying Crypto assets, has and continues to disrupt some of the world’s largest industries.

Less than a decade old, blockchain has already begun stimulating a new wave of innovation that is fundamentally changing how consumers and businesses interact and transfer value.

Magnet Capital provides investors exposure to blockchain assets through investments in the native coin/token. We focus on liquid assets, giving our strategy room to pivot. Differentiated from traditional equity, commodity or debt markets, the value of Crypto assets is currently determined by the supply and demand of coins/tokens. Many applications strive to build their own economy of users with mutual interests in transacting a unique coin/token. Demand for the coin/token is ultimately driven by its specific value proposition, for example its speed, security, anonymity or the goods or services it can acquire and the ability of the team to execute its plan.