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Australia's longest running Digital Asset investment fund, with a track record of market outperformance since inception

Our History

Magnet Capital was established in 2017 to provide a simple, transparent and reliable means for institutions and family offices to invest into the highly exciting - but complex - digital asset class.

Born on a foundation of lived expertise in the digital asset class, Magnet Capital is a crypto native investment manager. Magnet unearths differentiated investment opportunities through its deep integration with Web3 development communities and extensive on-chain data analysis.

Blockchain enabled digital assets are a natural evolution in the digital era as the world continues to transition rapidly to heightened digital compatibility. As they mature, digital assets will disrupt and reshape how some of the world’s largest industries operate. Magnet Capital strives to be at the intersection of this transition and provide investors with generational investment opportunities.

The Digital Asset Opportunity

Magnet Capital views blockchain technology as one of the most globally impactful inventions since the creation of the internet. This groundbreaking innovation is creating unprecedented opportunities to disrupt and replace traditional business models. 

There are innumerable factors enabling digital assets to experience exceptional growth and adoption, but none more so than;

Erosion of consumer trust

Consumer trust in centralised governments and corporations continues to deteriorate following repeated consumer mistreatment, management failures, excessive rent seeking and institutional overreach

Software is eating finance

The financial services industry is rapidly transitioning towards software based applications. However, it has become evident that there is consumer preference to digitise past the application layer, and into the programatisation of utility itself

Digital assets are leveraging these tailwinds to  overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional assets. This is largely being achieved through applying 6 core principles of blockchain technology;


Control and decision making resides in a distributed network rather than a centralised entity


Based on open-source, transparent and auditable software, and without dependence on a central authority


No barriers to accessibility, anyone can innovate or participate


Transactions are permanent, irreversible and unable to be altered, deleted or destroyed


Backed by a distributed, global network, without a single point of reliance or failure


The same codified rules for all participants. No special access, no special terms

Our Investment Approach

By employing these principles, blockchain technology enables the creation of decentralised protocols and applications that disintermediate inefficient or rent-seeking intermediaries and replace them with open-sourced code.

Magnet Capital employs a thesis driven, value based, long term investment strategy, that is focused on real-world application and utility above all. This approach aids in maintaining a high degree of conviction in an inherently volatile asset class.

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Our Investing Principles

To unearth alpha generating investment opportunities, Magnet Capital undertakes a structured, rigorous, investment approach centred around our four T’s methodology of digital asset investing.


A differentiated and disruptive product relative to its traditional competitors, with clear real world applications and utility


Attractive return profile, scarcity of supply, and the capacity to generate substantial returns that accrue to holders


Assessing the market's readiness and demand for adoption, in order to understand the potential for utility generation


A talented, driven, and experienced team with a strong focus on governance, and a track record of delivering.

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Our Team
Benjamin Celermajer


  • 7 years experience in digital asset investing
  • Former Index Product Manager at Coin Metrics
  • Education: MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Egor Sidelska


  • 8 years experience in digital asset investing
  • Former private equity executive
  • Education: BSc, Computer Science from the University of East Anglia
George Macarthur-Stanham

Head of Operations


  • 7 years experience in investment banking and high-growth start-ups
  • Education: Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney
Hugh Neale

Security Lead


  • 10 years of cyber-security expertise 
  • Director at Zercurity
  • Education: BSc Computer Science at the University of East Anglia
Our Advisors

Matt Rockman

Board Member

  • Angel investor
  • Co-founder of Seek

David Gordon

Board Observer

  • Chairman of NIB
  • ex-Chair of Ten Networks

Charlie Lanchester


  • Managing Director, Blackrock
  • Board Member, SurfAid

Anthony Millet


  • Co-Head, Antler Capital
  • Former CEO, BrickX
Key Partners

Magnet has close integrations with institutional grade service providers


Accounting & Tax


Legal Services and Advice


Trust Registry Service

Lanterne Fund Services

AFSL Provider


Crypto Asset Custodian


Institutional Node Services

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