Issue #50

Crypto crime down 65% year on year, SEC loses XRP case, tokenised US Treasuries pass $600m in value, Aave release a stablecoin (GHO) & more...

Market Overview

As of the time of writing (Monday 5pm), the total market cap of the crypto asset market is $US1.26T, up (3.9%) from last week.

Below is the weekly performance of the top crypto and NFT assets. 

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News Headline Highlights

 Crypto Asset Project Updates

  • Aave, a decentralised liquidity protocol, has received the go ahead to launch its native US Dollar stablecoin GHO on Ethereum mainnet. Approval for developers to launch GHO followed a community governance vote, which received close to 100% approval from the 424 addresses that participated. 
  • Polkadot founder Gavin Wood proposed his vision for Polkadot 2.0 at a recent conference. Wood explained his vision for the ecosystem’s evolution as a network of sovereign chains connected by treaty-like “accords.”
  • Arkham Intelligence, a US based crypto company that incentivises its users to deanonymize blockchain users, is holding their public token sale on Binance. Magnet quick take: Running a public token sale, especially when based in the  US seems highly risky. I would not like to be their legal council when the SEC catches wind of this public sale…

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Metric of the Week

The amount of bitcoin held on exchanges has reached a 5-year low of 2.25 million. This represents a float of 11.6% of all BTC in circulation. 

Source: Glassnode

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