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Bitcoin Halving Explained

The Bitcoin halving is a programmed event that is responsible for the disinflationary and scarce nature of BTC. The fourth Bitcoin halving is expected to occur in April 2024.

Historically, the resulting adjustments to the supply dynamics of BTC have been positive for the growth of the network's value. 

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Bitcoin Halving Explained

The Bitcoin halving is a programmed event that is responsible for the disinflationary and scarce nature of BTC. 

10 January 2024


Synthetix is a decentralised liquidity provisioning protocol, it is positioning itself as a B2B liquidity provider, powering DeFi.

Synthetix, DeFi
20 July 2023

Radiant Capital Overview

Radiant Capital is an on-chain lending protocol that allows users to deposit and borrow digital assets, across separate blockchains.

Radiant, DeFi
12 May 2023

THORChain      Overview

THORChain is a decentralised settlement protocol that allows value to be transferred between non-compatible blockchains, e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

THORChain, Infrastructure
8 March 2023

Submission to Treasury

Magnet Capital's response to Treasury's Token Mapping Consultation Paper explores alternate ways regulators can seek to engage with crypto markets.

Opinion, Regulation
1 Mar 2023

Ethereum - Crypto's Infrastructure

Ethereum is the core infrastructure that drives the creation and operation of decentralised, blockchain-enabled applications 

16 Jan 2023

Decentralised Perpetual Futures

Perpetual futures contracts are a novel crypto innovation that have been hugely successful and widely utilised by traders

10 Jan 2023

Gains Network Overview

Gains Network is a decentralised trading platform where users can access leverage for crypto, stocks and forex


12 Dec 2022

CeFi’s failures are DeFi’s opportunity

Recent failures of centralised financial service providers highlight the value and necessity of transparent, decentralised infrastructure

1 Dec 2022

Open Letter to Treasurer Chalmers


The urgent need for clear, sensible and smart crypto market regulation




Opinion, Regulation

17 Nov 2022

Decentralisation - What Needs to Exist?

The future of a decentralised ecosystem, core crypto infrastructure that needs to exist

28 Oct 2022

Where are the Protocol's Yachts?

Exploring crypto protocol business models, revenue generation and profit distribution

DeFi, Metrics
18 Oct 2022

Eliminating Inflation and Emissions? 

Reviewing the outcomes of Ethereum's Merge and how they compare to expectations by analysing observable on-chain data


Ethereum, Metrics
12 Oct 2022

The Ethereum Merge: What to Expect

Analysing the impact of the most significant protocol upgrade in cryptocurrency history

Ethereum, Metrics
9 Sep 2022

Revisiting our Bitcoin Thesis

A global rerate in asset values has officially deflated the 'Everything Bubble'. Does this shift in sentiment impact Bitcoin's fundamental value?

Opinion, Bitcoin
25 Aug 2022

Introduction to Digital Assets

Introduction to Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Bitcoin, Ethereum and DeFi for beginners

25 Jul 2022

Measuring the 2022 Crypto Bear Market

By contextualising the cryptocurrency bear market through data, what can we learn from previous cycles?

Opinion, Metrics
14 Jul 2022

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