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Reddit purchase BTC / ETH on their balance sheet, Uniswap considers turning on tokenholder fee switch, Kraken fight back at the SEC & more...

Market Overview

As of the time of writing (Monday 5pm), the total market cap of the crypto asset market is $US2.10T, up (1.3%) from last week.

Below is the weekly performance of the top crypto assets. 

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News Headline Highlights

 Crypto Asset Project Updates

  • Recently-launched protocol Ethena has captured 5% of all global ether perpetual futures open interest.
  • Uniswap's governance token (UNI) gained 60% after a proposal by a key Uniswap Foundation leader. The proposal would distribute protocol fees among UNI holders who stake and delegate tokens to rejuvenate the protocol's decision-making.
  • StarkWare will release its token STRK more gradually under the new changes, dropping the portion of tokens initially unlocked from 13.4% to 0.64%.

Regulation Station

The Weekly Deal Room

  • EigenLayer, an Ethereum staking protocol, raised $100m in a Private Round from a16z.
  • Meso, a payment platform that bridges digital assets and fiat currencies, raised $9.5m in a Seed Round co-led by Solana Ventures, Ribbit Capital.
  • Helius, who are building webhooks, enhanced Solana APIs, and powerful RPCs, raised $9.5m in a Series A led by Foundation Capital.
  • Helika, a web3 gaming studio, raised $8m in a Series A led by Pantera Capital.
  • Superfluid, a Payment streaming protocol, raised $5.1m in a Strategic Round led by Fabric Ventures.
  • Crystal Fun, a decentralised gaming mega-ecosystem & studio, raised $5m in a Seed Round from KuCoin Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Comma3 Ventures and others.
  • Inco, a modular confidential computing Layer-1 blockchain powered by fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) and secured by Ethereum, raised $4.5m in a Seed Round led by 1kx.
  • Startale Labs, a web3 infrastructure company, raised $3.5m in a Seed+ Round from UOB Venture Management and Samsung Next Ventures.
  • INIT Capital, a Building Liquidity Hook Money Market, raised $3.1m in a Seed Round co-led by Electric Capital and Mirana Ventures.
  • ZeroLend, a lending protocol, raised $3m in a Seed Round from Momentum 6, Blockchain Founders Fund, Morningstar Ventures, Banter Capital and others.

Metric of the Week

Bitcoin has made new all time highs this week vs. the world's fourth largest reserve currency.

Source: Google Finance 

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